Purchasing from Astur Coffee

Do you send samples?

For your convenience, our smallest packages include 250g of coffee.  We cannot divide them into anything less.

Please note that you may need 150-250g of coffee to adequately gauge its quality and profile.  Great coffee requires the proper grinder settings and extraction techniques, which can vary depending on both the beans themselves and your individual preferences.  Additionally, it can take nearly 100g of new coffee to ensure that stale and residual grounds from previous uses are completely removed from your equipment.

We aim to describe our products in great detail so that you can make informed decisions prior to finalizing your purchase.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our products.

What do your prices reflect in terms of currency and taxes?

All prices quoted on this website are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are inclusive of any applicable Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Is credit card payment safe?

Astur means “to Protect and Cherish.”  We care about your safety and privacy just as much as we care about serving you with the finest coffees.  To accomplish this, we employ a wide array of electronic and physical security measures to protect your personal data and credit card information from unauthorised access.

In an effort to stay accountable and up-to-date with the latest technology and privacy practices, we also partner with leading e-commerce merchants to make all of our transactions as secure as possible.

As noted in our privacy policy, we do not store credit card numbers or other sensitive data on our servers.  All transactions processed via our website’s online ordering system are securely billed through PayPal and Stripe payment gateway.

In other words: Yes, your payment is safe.  You may view our privacy policy or email us at info@asturcoffee.com.au with your concerns at any time.

Receiving Your Order

What is the standard rate for shipping?

Astur Coffee customers receive free shipping for orders over $75.  For all other orders, our standard domestic shipping rate ranges from $7.95 to  $15.00 (depending on order size).

All shipping charges are solely your responsibility unless otherwise noted. You can view them prior to finalising your order, and they will also be included on your invoice.  The shipping charges displayed during the checkout process are subject to verification and, while unlikely, may change without notice.

 Where do we ship to?  How long will it take?

All orders are collected and dispatched by our courier partners  (Australia post & Sendle). We aim to ship all orders of our in-stock items within two business days of your purchase.

Am I responsible for the package during delivery?  Do I have to sign to receive it?

Astur takes full ownership of all products purchased on our website, including loss or damage.

Shipping is done through our courier partners (Australia Post and Sendle).  We provide tracking details with all orders, its the customer’s responsibility to keep track of the parcel. Any inquiries regarding the parcel must be directed to the courier company.

Please email us at info@asturcoffee.com.au for more info or to discuss other possible delivery options or alternatively feel free to leave a note upon checking out.

Can I pick up my order from your address?

We currently do not have a facility for customers to pickup orders.

Cherishing Your Coffee

Do different roast profiles affect the experience of a coffee?

Simply put, absolutely.

Coffee roasts range from light, medium, and dark.  Lighter roasts are better for more delicate brewing methods such as pour-over, filter, and syphon extraction.  The coffee, put under less pressure, will exhibit a more flavours and characteristics.

Conversely, traditionally dark-roasted coffee is better for espresso machines and Mocha pots which put the beans under intense heat and steam pressure.  They will yield a more concentrated, intense flavour.

Your coffee will always taste better if you choose a brewing method that matches the roast profile of the beans.  For example, an espresso roast (dark roast) will taste amazing when you make espresso with it.  If you used the same roast for pour-over, however, the result will be bitter and unpleasant.

Will different brewing methods change the taste of my coffee?

Along with roast profiles, different brewing methods are one of the main methods of altering the taste of your coffee.

There are many brewing methods that you can use.  A few popular ones are espresso, pour-over (like Hario or Chemex), French press, and cold brew.  Being aware of the best brewing methods for the roast profile of your beans will enhance and optimise all the flavors in your cup.

It is also worth noting that each brew method has its own optimum parameters and techniques such as grind size, dose, extraction time, and extraction yield.  If you have any questions regarding a preferred brewing method, feel free to email info@asturcofee.com.au

Can I receive a refund for defective or inaccurate orders?

We strive to be as accurate as possible with all orders.  However, we understand that everyone makes mistakes at times.  There may be erroneous information on our website from time to time.  In addition, all weights and size dimensions are approximate.

If a product we offer is not as described or pictured on our website, you may return it — unused — for a full refund.  In the event of an error on our website, in an order confirmation, or during process and delivery, Astur Coffee reserves the right to correct the error and revise your order accordingly, or to cancel the order and issue a refund of the amount charged.