Know your cup of Joe: Espresso vs. filter coffee

There is a misconception in the modern world that a truly great cup of coffee has to be espresso, and that filtered is an inferior option. Well, prepare yourself because we disagree.

While it is true that espresso is extremely good and packed full of its own tasty benefits, the traditional filtered option shouldn’t be written off too quickly. It’s actually making a huge comeback and can produce a cup of Joe that is easily on par with espresso – in many cases, even better.

The real truth is that espresso and filtered are just two different methods of producing the same product. So, here is our guide on how these methods impact the final taste so you can choose to create the ultimate brew to satisfy those caffeine cravings of yours.

What is the difference between espresso and filtered coffee?

As the name suggests, espresso delivers an express cup of quality brew by forcing hot (almost boiling) water through finely-ground beans. Using pressure and finer grounds, this process is speedy and took the world by storm after being developed in Italy.

At its heart, filtered varieties are essentially the same thing, just slower in process. The water is not forced through the grounds, rather drip-fed over larger grounds for a long process that still delivers an excellent result.

What is the difference in taste?

Because the process is longer and more methodical, filtered coffee brings out more of the complexities of the bean and results in less acidity. That makes this process especially recommended for single-origin options, rather than blends so that you can truly experience all of the nuances of that bean and that region.

Espresso comes out thicker and more concentrated than filter options though, so for those that love a full-bodied, highly-caffeinated option, this is the best pick of the bunch. You’ll get a bolder taste and a full-roasted experience this way.

Espresso is also considered to be a healthier option because you get more out of the bean itself. While a filter saps away some of the natural oils and minerals, you get the full hit with this choice.

So ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and your own lifestyle as to which machine and beans are right for you and your household. If you have the time to drip filtered coffee in the morning, you are going to get a heavenly experience that is worth the extra time.

If you are the kind of person that craves that big taste and that nice caffeine hit and you need it right now, espresso is definitely the right option for you.

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