INDIA | River dale Estate


Process:   Natural
Body:   Medium, well-rounded
Aroma:   Fruity, Vanilla
Acidity:   Lemon
Flavour:   Stone fruit, Sweet orange, vanilla aftertaste

This is one of the finest coffees ever produced in India. Its complexity and Upfront sweetness, creamy texture and subtle layers of underlying fruits give this coffee all the hallmark characteristics of a classic specialty coffee. This coffee’s resounding appeal lies in its ultimate versatility however you choose to brew.

Cupping score: 87

  • Dtermines what degree of what flavours are extracted from each beans
    Espresso Roast:
    An Espresso Roast has been developed inside the roaster for a longer period to increase caramelisation and body, which makes it ideal to be brewed on an espresso machine

    Filter Roast:
    A filter roasted coffee has been less developed in the roaster in order to retain more sharpness and acidity. This is better suited for manual brewing I.E. Pourover, Aeropress, French Press, Cold Brew etc

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Since 1920, Riverdale Estate has been a family owned business where three generations have worked to produce the finest quality coffee. Riverdale Estate is located in Shevaroys Hills (Yercaud) in southern India, the estate has a natural water stream which flows throughout the year making it an ideal place to cultivate coffee. They use modern irrigation methods which requires less water and very little electricity. The plantation sits at an altitude of 1450 meter above sea level where they grow Selection 9 and S5b variety of Arabica.


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