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We are a house blend roaster you’ll love

Life is about balance. Work, life, family, recreation – we want to ensure that we have balance across the board to ensure we are living a rich, fulfilling life.

While there are many people who have highly specific tastes when it comes to their morning brew, many more simply want the best possible taste and experience with balance across the board.

That is where our house blend coffee beans become the perfect selection, packed full of a winning combination featuring aroma, body, flavour and sweetness. We source the best beans from around the world and these are available individually for their own unique flavours and complexities, but our own house blend brings the best of all of these beans together for the ultimate experience.

We also like different types of coffee at different times of the day or for different occasions. There are light roasts and dark roasts available, but our house blend is a delicate mix that sits neatly in between and will suit any taste and can be consumed at any time of the day.

It is also the perfect entertainer for that reason, it can be impossible to know the type of blend all of your friends and family like, and an expensive exercise to try and cater for all tastes. This gives you a perfect all-rounder that everyone will love sourced from the best crops around the world.

As a specialty house blend coffee beans roaster, you can rest assured that all of the products in our collection have been ethically sourced. They are a kinder option on the market, meaning farmers, workers and communities around the world are sustainable and there is minimal impact on the environment as well.