GUATEMALA | El Guatalon Pacas

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Process:   Washed
Body:   Smooth, well-rounded
Aroma:   Sweet, stone fruit, brown sugar
Acidity:   Malic, crisp
Flavour:   Sugary with fruit and black tea notes and brown sugar sweetness

Scoring at a healthy 86 across all formats (aroma, flavour, body, acidity and flavour) this premium single origin Guat offers complex layers of delicate, fruity flavors behind its subtle tea and brown sugar after taste. 

Cupping score: 86

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  • Determines what degree of what flavours are extracted from each beans
    Espresso Roast:
    An Espresso Roast has been developed inside the roaster for a longer period to increase caramelisation and body, which makes it ideal to be brewed on an espresso machine
    Filter Roast:
    A filter roasted coffee has been less developed in the roaster in order to retain more sharpness and acidity. This is better suited for manual brewing I.E. Pourover, Aeropress, French Press, Cold Brew etc
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