Wholesale Coffee

We proudly produce home-sized bags of our famous roasted beans, but we are also available for wholesale orders.

No matter what size cafe or restaurant you are running, we can provide ongoing bulk discount orders that meet your demand. We are even available for chains and offices across the country that want the best brew available for their workers and clients.

We deliver across Australia

Astur Coffee is a proudly Melbourne-based company and we cater to many cafes, restaurants and other venues throughout the Greater Melbourne Region. But beyond this, we also distribute wholesale coffee beans throughout Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth or anywhere in between. Serve up your very best, no matter where you are in Australia.

Personalised gourmet blends to suit your clientele

Astur Coffee has single-origin blends available from some of the finest producing regions in the world – including countries throughout Africa, Colombia and India. We also produce our own house blend for the perfect all-rounder compiled from these beans.

But for those looking for a unique or bespoke offering, we are also available to create custom creations for your cafe or restaurant. Speak to our team about your preferences and our experts will come up with the best solution tailored just for you and your customers.

Discounts available for larger and regular orders

Whether you are looking for a single trial bag or a large-scale order of our industry-leading wholesale gourmet coffee beans, we can assist. Also, the more of our product you order – and the more frequently you order it – we can offer discounted solutions to thank you for your patronage.

Sustainably sourced products mean your customers can trace it back to its point of origin

Many customers in the modern-day want to know where their food and drink has come from. They want to know that it has been ethically sourced and is kind to all of the farmers and workers involved, their local community and the environment.

We are proud to say that all of our wholesale roasted coffee shop supplies are ethically sourced across all regions of the world we dabble in. This allows you to pass this information onto your customers for their own peace of mind.

We deliver freshly-roasted beans direct to cafes, restaurants and offices across Victoria, Brisbane, Sydney and throughout Australia. Passionate about producing only the finest quality roasted gourmet blends, Astur can work with you to create your own personalised roast profiles and combinations.

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