Organising Coffee Catering at Your Next Event

2022 is the year where life finally feels reminiscent of the pre-pandemic days, marked by a busy social calendar and a return to the office. Whether you’re organising a wedding, a work lunch or a walkathon, there’s one key ingredient that would make your next event a recipe for success – coffee! Why is having coffee important for an event? Not only is it the beverage of choice for many Australians, but coffee has the ability to bring people together socially, creatively and collaboratively. While serving coffee at your next event is a no-brainer, you may be wondering what a coffee cart or van is exactly and whether you should rent one for your next event. Here are just a few reasons why you should hire a coffee cart for coffee catering instead of the DIY approach.

  1. Wow, your guests with a professional in-house barista who can serve up well-crafted coffee tailored to their taste buds. No more instant coffee with subpar taste, tedious setups and messy clean-ups!
  2. Give your guests a space to catch a break and keep them energised.
  3. Promote your brand or event with a branded coffee cart, which is a fantastic way to draw a crowd at an expo or festival.

Now that you’re reasonably convinced, let’s take a look at the considerations for hiring a coffee cart for your next event.

Researching coffee cart suppliers in your area and having a clear brief is a vital first step. You may like to have a chat with the owner before locking in the booking as well as the barista before the event starts. If possible, you may like to try out some of their coffee blends or even attend another event the coffee cart will be present.

This goes without saying, but proactively communicating with the barista before and during the event will ensure that the whole day goes smoothly, just like your coffee. Let your barista know what’s happening on the day, such as the times they are expected to arrive and leave, as well as the actual service time. Provide them with a run sheet or agenda if you have times where you want coffee service to be paused, such as speeches or performances. This will help the barista will work around your event to make sure no one misses out on their coffee!

The good news is that coffee carts and vans can work with most event spaces indoors and outdoors. Check with the supplier before your book as to their requirements, as most coffee carts will need access to power. You will also need to consider the area of the space for queues and the coffee cart itself, as well as any branding you may have.

Event logistics can cause the most organised person to panic, especially if you have multiple suppliers bumping in. Ensure that you provide your barista with all the important details to make setting up and packing up an efficient process. You can have the option of getting your coffee cart all set up and ready to go before the event or while the event is happening. Allow half an hour for your coffee cart to be set up as the coffee machine will need to be heated up.

Make your event pop with a branded coffee cart, including branded coffee cups, clothing and signage. A little effort goes a long way as guests will often spend some time hanging around the coffee cart waiting or consuming their coffee. If you are organising a tradeshow or corporate function, you can even offer up the coffee cart to be branded by one of your corporate sponsors.

About Our Service

At Astur Coffee, we’ve been privileged to cater for many types of events in Melbourne over the 5 years we’ve been in this business. Just like roasting beans and making a mean cup of cappuccino, we’re a well-oiled machine when it comes to delivering a tailored coffee catering service. Here are our top tips that will make your day a success:

“We were lucky enough to have Mohamed and his team at our 2021 Supercars car launch to make coffee. It was absolutely delicious and the service was impeccable. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of hiring a coffee cart!”
Brooke – Kelly Grove Racing

Having tasty, premium coffee

Having tasty, premium coffee with quality and convenient service is easy when you hire a coffee cart. At Astur Coffee, we work with clients from all around Melbourne to ensure patrons are refreshed with quality coffee made to their liking.

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