Different Types of Coffee Grinds

When it comes to coffee grinding, it is our duty to inform you that size definitely matters.

Depending on the style you’re aiming for, and the brewing process you’re employing, the result of the grind will largely depend on size – and we know that’s not what you always want to hear, but trust us on this one.

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What’s the benefit of grinding your own beans?

Opting to do the hard work yourself at the beginning means you’re able to achieve a more appealing aroma as you grind through those beans, mostly because, as the interior is exposed and it oxidises, delivering that authentic, vibrant scent. It is important that you brew immediately after grinding, though, because up to 60 per cent of the taste can be lost just 15 minutes after you’ve done the leg work unless you immediately store it in an airtight container or bag.

During the grinding process, carbon dioxide is also released, which forces out more flavour to fill your cup of Joe with lipids (oils). These oils are what generates the iconic flavour that you’re looking for when manually going about your brew. Again, it is vital to brew straight after grinding to maximize taste and aroma.

What are the different types of coffee grinds? How finely should I grind them?

Extra coarse: If you are the type who likes your coffee served chilled, this is the perfect grind for a cold brew. The extra coarse texture improves the filtration process and leaves you with a less bitter finish.

Medium coarse: This is the best grind for pour-over, French press, or Aeropress. You are likely to get a good cup of Joe using any grind, but the taste is going to vary. Medium gives you a solid foundation to work with, allowing you to move up and down the grind size scale and adjust it accordingly based on your extraction.

Medium-fine: These are perfect for the coffee siphon that uses two chambers, vapor pressurization and gravity to produce a smooth, full-bodied result. It will also give you a delicious aroma that will leave your mouth watering.

Fine: For the perfect espresso, the grind with a similar – if not finer granule size as caster sugar is essential because the process involves pressurized water being forced through these tiny particles. Because the contact time is minimal, the finer grinds deliver better results and draw more flavor.

Superfine: This is the one you are going to need for the perfect Turkish coffee, which requires a grind similar to that of powdered sugar.

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