Coffee Guide

Whole beans vs Pre-Ground 

Whole beans have two to three weeks of peak freshness before the loss of quality becomes distinguishable. Pre-ground coffee, on the other hand, only needs an hour before it rapidly starts to lose its natural flavours and freshness.

Oxidation and decay happens rapidly when coffee is ground, because of the particle size. It takes oxygen/air less time to travel through the finer grounds compared to whole beans. Grinding Coffee at the time of brewing preserves full flavour and freshness for a long period of time which unfortunately, doesn’t come with Pre ground Coffee. We always recommend our customers to invest in a grinder to make their coffee experience a pleasant and joyful one.

Ground Size 

Below is a guide on what ground size to use on some common brewing instruments in the market.


Espresso can only be brewed properly with a fine grind setting. This is required to make a highly concentrated and balanced shot of coffee in around 30 seconds. Any larger, and your coffee will be water, sour and unbalanced. Pre-ground coffee is never fine enough to use these brewers to their full potential, so grinding your own beans is definitely the way to go.


The Aeropress one of the most versatile when it comes to grind sizes, but generally a medium setting will be the most forgiving and fast. A fine setting will work but it’s much harder to push down the plunger. You can go for a coarser grind, but brewing will take longer to brewer. A medium setting seems to be the clearer winner for this one

Cold Brew

A medium coarse setting is recommended for making cold brew coffee. This grind size lets you brew your coffee for 12 plus hours required in cold water and is very forgiving. A finer setting speeds up brewing but you risk ending up with an over-extracted brew.

V60 Pour over

The pour over brewer loves a fine to medium-fine grind size. Due to the filter being thin and the draining whole quite larger, you can find that the water tends to drain too quickly, producing under-extracted coffee. A finer grind setting should combat this by slowing down the draining and creating a better balance.

French Press / Plunger

Course grounds are required because of the mesh filter. Fine or medium grounds get stuck in the mesh, which creates pressure when pressing down the plunger. Finely ground coffee will go straight through mesh resulting in a thick and muddy cup.


How to dial in your Grinder 

If you have a burr coffee grinder, then you have a tool in your hand that will let you perfect your coffee over time. By allowing you to make small grind setting adjustments, it means that rather than choosing a setting and sticking to it, you can finetune the grind by taste until you have the perfect cup. This process is called “dialling in”.

In order to get your coffee grind just right, you need to learn how to detect coffee extraction. It is broken down into balanced extraction, under extraction, and over extraction – learning how to taste the difference between these will take your coffee to the next level.

Over Extraction – Due to coffee grounds being too course water sips through the Coffee too easily and quickly. The extra extraction creates a bitter, dark tasting brew that mutes the bright and sweet notes usually found in fresh coffee. If you are finding your coffee tastes bitter or dull, then it is most likely over-extracted. By making the coffee ground finer, you avoid coffee over extraction.

Under Extraction – This is when coffee grounds don’t release their full flavour, meaning the coffee is under-extracted. It is the acidic, bright, sweet yet acidic notes that come out first, so if your coffee is too intense, that means it has been under-extracted. More extraction is required to balance out the flavours.

Balanced Extraction – When coffee is just right, it exudes sweet, rich and full taste, with a crisp acidity and a soothing mouthfeel. The bitterness and sourness work together to compliment each other to produce a well-rounded sensory experience. This is the taste we are looking for!

PLEASE NOTE: We always recommend our customers to use the coffee on day four (post roast date) to maximise flavour and complexity of cup.


coffee grinding guide
Espresso Very Fine
V60 Pour Over Medium-fine
to Coarse Grind
Aeropress Any; Best with
Medium Grind