5 Reasons Coffee Improve Office Culture and Productivity

Did you know that nearly 19 million Australians, or 75% of the population, drink at least one cup of coffee a day?
There’s no doubt that the coffee culture is deeply ingrained into the Australian lifestyle, especially if you are an employee working in an office. Whether you are sipping on a coffee on your way to work, or going on an afternoon pick-me-up coffee run with colleagues, there are many reasons why we love being able to have good coffee in the workplace. More and more companies are improving their coffee area to give employees greater options and accessibility. By offering a coffee machine and spacious kitchen area to make coffee, it is a win-win for employees and employers alike.
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Here are five ways coffee can improve office culture and productivity:

Most of us have experienced a caffeine kick – a burst of energy and laser-like focus, which leads to getting a lot more done than usual. Drinking coffee, the most popular beverage containing caffeine, is known to improve your focus and boost your energy. How it works is that caffeine acts as a stimulant to block the release of adenosine, a chemical that makes you feel sleepy.

So thanks to the chemical in the caffeine, you can wake up fully in the morning and stop that drowsy feeling as you hit your afternoon slump.

As well as improving alertness, caffeine can help people absorb and retain new information more quickly. One study has shown that at least two cups of caffeine allows the brain to identify information faster. Another study by John Hopkins revealed that coffee can help improve memory over 24 hours. In short, what this means for employees is the ability to pick up and retain information (at least in the short-term), which can be useful for training and new assignments.

Having a cup of coffee with your colleague is a sure-fire way to break the ice, which is especially helpful for new employees to get to know their co-workers.

Allowing your employees to take coffee breaks creates opportunities to socialise and network, whether it is a quick check-in or a sit-down meeting.

It is also a visual way an employer encourages its employees to look after their wellbeing, which is especially beneficial if you have been tied to your desk all day.

Every company strives to create an open and collaborative culture, and what better way is there than to have a space where employees and connect and recharge? Having an open kitchen or coffee area can create a space for collaboration and bonding. It’s often in these relaxed, friendly environments that the best ideas are born and conversations flow!

Offering employees coffee in the office is a cost-effective perk that goes a long way to boost employees’ morale. Drinking coffee is an activity that many people look forward to, so knowing that they can get a delicious, fresh cup of coffee to feel excited about the work day.

As a business, setting up a coffee area benefits your employees from an organisational culture and productivity standpoint. If you decide to invest in a coffee machine and/or a dedicated area for making and drinking coffee, then the next important decision is deciding on the type of coffee to provide. Why not ask your employees what types of coffee or flavours they like and give Astur Coffee’s many single origins and house blends a go?

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